USA Summer Camp

USA Summer Camp - Details
0121 411 9165

Discover the best summer of your life this year at a camp in America! USA Summer Camp offers you the opportunity to work, travel and have fun, starting with a job at one of America's famous summer camps.

This experience is like no other.  It offers the opportunity to work in your favourite area. This includes sports, music, arts, performing arts, outdoor adventure and on the waterfront. With over 500 authentic American camps we work with, an incredible job, having fun all day every day, there's a job for everyone at camp

Get paid, make new friends and travel around America after camp.  Its a summer like no other. 

On top of this, it's a chance to learn new skills, teach or help teach the children and pus something golden on your CV.  Make new friends from all over the globe.

The adventure starts right here.

What USA Summer Camp Include:

  • Job at summer camp

  • Visa to work in America

  • Insurance for your trip

  • Flight option. We buy it, or you can buy it yourself

  • All food, drink and accommodation all covered at camp! 

  • A paid salary for the 9 weeks you spend at camp

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